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In 2015 the air purifier market will reach 75 billion yuan stocks related to potential

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  From the media heat haze days to NPC and CPPCC frequent environmental proposals, "environmental protection nationwide craze" is rising. Recently, the National People's Congress, general manager of China Mobile Guangdong company Xu Long submitted "speed up the revision of" Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act "bill", and pointed out that in addition to the governance of country level, ordinary people will begin to act. Coupled with the report points out, to 2015 China air purifier market scale will reach 75000000000 yuan, which undoubtedly will again detonated tidal air purifying the concept of speculation. And the Beijing market brand air purifier appear sell Duanhuo phenomenon, is that ordinary people have joined the "environmental protection in heat". The A stock market, the stock is currently involved in air purification business have a Chuangyuan Technology (000551, shares), rainbow (002256, shares) and Hengdian East (002056, shares). "Haze" become popular proposal In this year's NPC and CPPCC, environmental issues become the focus of NPC deputies and CPPCC members hot. At present, the national focus on PM2.5, air pollution control has become the hottest topic in environmental issues. The National People's Congress, general manager of China Mobile Guangdong company Xu Long submitted "on speeding up the amendment" Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act "bill", suggestions on how to promote the prevention of atmospheric pollution comprehensive ability through information technology. In recent years, China's air pollution presents new features, problems of photochemical smog, acid rain, haze, complex air pollutants increasingly prominent. China has become the world's first big motor vehicle sales for three consecutive years, the urgency of motor vehicle emission pollution has become increasingly prominent; at the same time, air pollution from point to surface source pollution diffusion, form the regional situation. Xu Long pointed out, the current overall situation in China's air pollution is becoming more and more serious, the public increasingly high demands on the quality of the environment, by means of information to understand the demands of real-time air quality information is also more and more strong, speed up the revision of "air pollution prevention law" is to represent the general trend. Beijing air purifier is out of stock At present, ordinary people are increasingly concerned about environmental issues. Recently, the Beijing market air purifier sold out several times, people pay more attention to air quality greatly improved. According to media reports, at present in the Suning Appliance (002024, shares) of most of the stores, such as disinfection machine, household cleaner and star products have been sold out. Introduction and promotion, Sharp sterilizer and purifier are not in stock at the moment, the product factory is the distributor booked. In addition to Sharp, air purifier Philips is also no goods to sell state in large and medium-sized and GOME stores in a store. In 2015 the air purifier Market The scale of up to 75000000000 yuan Beijing air purifier is out of stock, indicating that the air purifier market in short supply in the state. While in Shanghai Expo 2012, general manager Yusana Ma Wenbing said, that in 2015 the scale of Chinese air purifier market is expected to reach 75000000000 yuan. Ma Wenbing said, effects of air quality on human health based on domestic air purification products, only just emerging industry. According to predict data shows, to 2015 air purifier Chinese is expected to reach 75000000000 yuan market scale. National Indoor Environmental Monitoring Committee Secretary General Song Guangsheng cited "who kidnapped Chinese economy" a Book of the words of good air purifier Market: in 2020, selling cars and steel is poor, selling medical and legal service is a rich man, sell the clean air and water is rich. The foreign market, Japan now has a population of 120000000, the air purifier sales of 2000000 units / year, while Japan's air conditioning sales of 6000000 units / year; China has a population of nearly 1400000000, air-conditioning sales of more than 20000000 units / year, air cleaner sales scale is only 1/10 of Japan, therefore, the future of air purifier China huge potential market. Air purification concept or usher in the speculation boom At present, the A stock market, set foot in the air purification business listing Corporation mainly create technology (000551, shares), rainbow (002256, shares) and Hengdian East (002056, shares). Create technology hold Jiangsu Sujing 91.93% stake, the company mainly engaged in air purification equipment, water treatment equipment and systems engineering, wastewater treatment and engineering equipment, gas purification equipment, gas separation equipment, protective atmosphere heat treatment equipment and central air conditioning equipment R & D, design, production, sales, installation, service, high-tech enterprises belongs to the national class. In two levels of markets, the stock has continued rising channel, short-term or is once again the opportunity to speculation. According to the rainbow recently in investors exchange platform answers for investors, the company currently holds a 80.49% stake in grenada. Shenzhen Grenada Wei Kang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of scientific research, development, production, sales, service in one of the high-tech environmental protection enterprises, committed to the indoor environment, focusing on pollution control of indoor environment, indoor pollution control pilot Chinese enterprise. Companies in the development of indoor pollution control products, air purifier series and Home Furnishing environmental products sales network has covered the national large and medium-sized city. Hengdian dongci is also involved in water purification and air purification field, the company has independently developed water purifiers, air purifier developed has been successfully developed, and can be listed for sale. The air purifier products applied to families and public places of indoor air pollution problem, can filter, adsorption, decomposition of various air pollutants (including dust, pollen, smoke, smell, formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances), effectively improve the air cleanliness. At present, the company to remove indoor air.