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Longyea has been identified as high-tech enterprises in Shanghai City

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Shanghai city in 2013 second batch of publicity to identify a list of high-tech enterprises notice: According to the national Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of finance, the State Administration of Taxation issued "administrative measures for the determination of high and new technology enterprise" (National Science. No. [2008]172), "high-tech enterprises that management guidelines" (National Science combustion No. [2008]362), "a high-tech enterprise name and review related matters notice" (the Department of fire the word (2011) No. 123) and "that the high-tech enterprises in Shanghai city management implementation approach" (Shanghai Branch (2008) No. twenty-fifth) the relevant provisions, the expert compliance review, now Shanghai city in 2013 second batch of high-tech enterprises to identify a list (see attachment) to the public. Units and individuals on the objection of enterprises, the Office identified 15 high-tech enterprises in Shanghai City, working days in writing from the date of announcement. Objection shall be clearly stated on the contentious business specific problems do not meet the conditions for hi tech enterprises, and provide relevant evidence materials. Any discrepancy on the materials received, we will be in strict accordance with the relevant provisions. Please sign the contact objection materials real name and contact way.