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ECOTECH CHINA Shanghai Environmental Protection Exhibition

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ECOTECH CHINA Shanghai Environmental Protection Exhibition will

bring you environmental control technology and equipments related to residues and waste management in the world's largest exhibition hall, jointly organized by Shanghai Air Show, Shanghai International Water Exhibition and Shanghai Water Pump and Valve,  the overall exhibition size is about 100,000 square meters, more than two thousand exhibitors gathered to show more than 45,000 kinds of exhibits. Meanwhile, the exhibition will focus on latest global technology on the management of the Three Wastes—industrial wastewater, waste gases and residues, renewable resources and recycling, environmental control, industrial indoor air purification.

Many important users and professional visitors will be attracted and come, they are from gas disposal structure, environmental engineering company, design/research institutes, concerning fields of Electricity , Electronics, Medical Pharmaceuticals, Rubber, Chemicals, steel, cement and other important monitoring industries, together with world top domestic and foreign exhibitors to come up with a world top-quality environmental protection show!