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Investigation of column of air purifier products and market situation of CCTV news channel quality report

来源:      2014-7-27      点击:
       CCTV news channel 13, at noon on December 8, 2013 quality report 12:35 column, the detailed report of product and market situation of air purifier investigation China market at present, introduce to consumers and the air purifier products, the current market situation, consumption of knowledge as well as the sampling brand a diagnostic survey. Expert of air environmental protection field mainly to the consumer to highlight, to buy air purifier, mainly to see the two data, the first is the CADR values of indoor air purification ability; second is the suitable area. Inspection Station Laboratory of Shanghai city environmental protection product is located in Shanghai City, Yishan Road No. 716 is the air purifier and other electrical products of environmental protection brought the most authoritative testing organizations, the laboratory director Shen Hao told reporters a detailed account of the test result the sampling 20 domestic and international brand. Division I AI 逸尔 brand air purifier is an area of 41 square, in more than 20 brands in the forefront of sampling. In addition to explain, our air purifier (Chinese) one of the initial members of trade union, to participate in the drafting of the Alliance.